Western Capitalist Hedonism and Addiction

America is the Mecca of the religion I call Western Capitalist Hedonism. In this religion, consumption and enjoyment are the ultimate good. From the moment we are born we are taught that the “good life” comes from maximizing the amount of pleasure and enjoyment that we can attain. This is in opposition to eastern spiritualty or really any form of spirituality where generally, deriving joy … Continue reading Western Capitalist Hedonism and Addiction

Theodicy and Suffering

Theodicy, the attempt to answer the question of how a benevolent God can exist in the face of evil, has been a topic of interest for theologians for centuries. “The Problem of Evil” is among the most popular arguments for Atheism. Theodicy can take a number of forms that align with the acceptance that evil and suffering may actually serve some larger purpose, often unbeknownst … Continue reading Theodicy and Suffering