Stories vs. Arguments

o   Malcolm Gladwell at recently gave a really good talk at the 2020 Unity for Humanity summit o   In his talk he discussed the difficulty of convincing people of certain things when they have deeply rooted viewpoints o   Arguments and logic don’t really convince people of things, but stories do. This is why stories are so important and could be what we need to depolarize our country. o   Rosa … Continue reading Stories vs. Arguments

New World Order

·      I’ve been hearing about a lot of conspiracy theories about Jews seeking to bring about a New World Order. As a Jew, I can honestly say that if this is a thing, I’ve never been briefed on it and certainly am not working towards it in any way I am aware of.  ·      Jews, Illuminati, Freemasons, communists and other groups have been accused by certain conservatives … Continue reading New World Order

Importance of Voting

It’s one’s civic duty This is a really important election Coby’s Brain is endorsing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris because if Trump wins: There will be greater polarization and violence within our country Progress will not happen in terms of climate change and the damage could be irreparable Many people will suffer at the hands of policies that do not look out for countless people … Continue reading Importance of Voting