Human Need for Play

I recently read that humans have an innate need for playfulness. Working all the time is unsustainable because without time spent playing, or engaging in enjoyable behavior with no ulterior motive, humans cannot function effectively. As someone who spends an inordinate amount of time working, I can attest to the eventual demise of one’s will to work. Eventually, you need time to not be exerting … Continue reading Human Need for Play

Habit Journal

I have realized that one of the biggest differences between effective and ineffective people has to do with habits. Having a lot of good habits and very few bad habits can put someone in a default state of effectiveness. Forming good habits is very challenging but can allow for aspirational behaviors to occur almost automatically and without the need for abundant will power. Because there … Continue reading Habit Journal

5 Beats a Day for 3 Summers

An interesting phenomenon that I’ve found to be true again and again is that success at just about any endeavor seems to be a function of time. This seems obvious, but it’s significant because it thwarts the notion of innate talent. If you spend a lot of time doing something, you are more likely to be better at doing that thing than those who spend … Continue reading 5 Beats a Day for 3 Summers


These days, people have no tolerance for boredom. Technology has more or less eradicated the human state of boredom, meaning that mental stimulation is accessible at all times. Finding the default state of one’s mind to be unpleasant is deeply problematic and many studies have come out recently about the benefits of boredom for creativity, mindfulness, and introspection. Reliance on perpetual mental stimulation is certainly … Continue reading Boredom

The Optimal Coby

I recently thought of an interesting thought experiment that I found to be highly motivating. Assuming the existence of infinite parallel universes, there are infinite versions of oneself. This brings about the question of how one compares to the infinite alternative versions of themselves. Am I the best possible Coby? What does it even mean to be the best possible Coby? Given the enormous number … Continue reading The Optimal Coby

“The Choice”

I stumbled upon an interesting video on YouTube the other day called “The Choice”. The video shows one man making responsible decisions juxtaposed with the same man making irresponsible decisions. The first man attains major success and happiness while the second does not and the video concludes that, “Small choices become actions, actions become habits, and habits become our way of life.” It is true … Continue reading “The Choice”