The Ethics of Bypassing Bureaucratic Inefficiencies

Curb your enthusiasm-old food for a dog The waiter says no, we will not give you a to go box if you’re going to eat it yourself because we refuse to have our high quality food eaten by dogs So Larry lies and says it’s for himself  Ethics of White lies Continue reading The Ethics of Bypassing Bureaucratic Inefficiencies

Aesthetics and Morality

The following was my philosophy capstone project I wrote senior year at Stanford. It is on the topic of the role of morality in aesthetics. Because I’m now in art school, I’ve found this essay to be very relevant to the work I’m creating and consuming on a daily basis. In the essay, I argue that 1) morality is an element of aesthetic inquiry and … Continue reading Aesthetics and Morality


#NoBeef is a 2-part social justice movement. The most obvious first component of the movement is to stop eating beef. Beef production is environmentally disastrous because of the massive amount of water that it requires and the methane it produces. Additionally, given how adorable and benevolent cows are, I personally find the consumption of beef to be morally problematic. The second component of the movement … Continue reading #NoBeef

Nine Alignments

Recently, I’ve taken an interest in quantifying personality, especially for the purpose of fictional character development. There are countless frameworks for doing so; however, I have found the nine Alignments framework from Dungeons and Dragons to be a pretty interesting one. The following graph showcases the nine Alignments, which is obviously missing numerous components of personality but says a lot about one’s moral composition: The … Continue reading Nine Alignments

The Moral Obligation to Follow the Rules of the Road

Although I write frequently about moral philosophy, I often struggle to live out the moral code I believe to be of utmost importance. I try my best but fail more often than not. One area where this is especially true is with regard to my driving. Lately, I’ve been driving carelessly. In the past week and a half, I’ve gotten three tickets: one for entering … Continue reading The Moral Obligation to Follow the Rules of the Road

Personal Deontology

April 2019: Deontology’s Second Step Among most moral philosophers, deontology is generally accepted as the superior moral framework. Most agree that there are specific rules that we must adhere to. I would argue that deontology is woven into the ethos of contemporary western civilization, which views utilitarianism’s willingness to use human life as a means to an end as a major evil. However, simply accepting … Continue reading Personal Deontology

Ethics of Cannibalism

I should probably preface this post by stating I do not endorse cannibalism in any way. The purpose of this post is merely to inquire into the question of whether consensual cannibalism is morally wrong. I think it goes with out saying that non-consensual cannibalism is not okay. If someone does not wish to be eaten, then eating him or her is morally wrong in … Continue reading Ethics of Cannibalism