Unreal Metahumans

For those of us in the 3D graphics world, the release of Epic Games’ Metahumans has been super exciting for a lot of reasons. The software indicates a future in which creating realistic humans for game engines is going to continually get easier and easier. Video games are going to be more realistic. Visual effects in movies and television are going to continue to improve. … Continue reading Unreal Metahumans

How I Make Coby’s Brain

I’ve created a virtual set in Unity where I can move the camera around and trigger events using keyboard shortcuts My iPhone 11 pro captures my facial movements and feeds that into Unity Other guests can come on the show and be an avatar based on their audio input Continue reading How I Make Coby’s Brain

Is Motion Capture Art?

Now that I’m doing a lot of work using motion capture, I’ve become somewhat tuned in to one of the primary debates surrounding the technology: whether or not it is truly animation. The following article will do a far better job than I could at explaining the debate: http://web.mit.edu/m-i-t/articles/index_furniss.html Personally, I struggle to take seriously the critics of the technology. Throughout the history of entertainment … Continue reading Is Motion Capture Art?

CGI Actors

When I first saw the trailer for Gemini Man, I was unimpressed. Who was this Will Smith-looking young guy and what was remotely compelling about the film’s plot? It wasn’t until reading about the movie that I realized how big of a deal it’s likely going to be. That “Will Smith-looking young guy” in the trailer is actually a CGI young Will Smith. I couldn’t … Continue reading CGI Actors