Hegelian Dialectic

·      Discourse is important; however, its value is lost upon people who are unwavering in their beliefs ·      I believe that by teaching the Hegel’s dialectical method over argumentation, we can once again begin having constructive debates ·      Hegelian Dialectic o   It’s not about being right, it’s about synthesizing opposing viewpoints to arrive at truth o   3 stages: Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis o   Thesis: statement of one’s idea o   Antithesis: reaction that contradicts … Continue reading Hegelian Dialectic


10/8/2019 I recently encountered someone passionate about astrology who seemed fascinated by the fact that my December 31stbirthday made me a “Capricorn.” They claimed that given the fact that I’m ambitious and hard-working, it made perfect sense. I’ve since done a little bit more research into the traits of the Capricorn and many have resonated with me including being determined, practical, and dedicated to accomplishing … Continue reading Astrology