Quantum Mechanics and Energy Theory

For context, see “Energy Theory” below: https://cobysthoughtblog.wordpress.com/2019/11/21/energy-theory/ I have a lot of posts on this blog about “Energy Theory,” my pseudo-scientific hypothesis about the non-physical component of existence. I basically theorize that energy impacts just about every aspect of our lives. It assumes a form of Cartesian dualism in which the human mind is more than simply the brain; it is also the energy that … Continue reading Quantum Mechanics and Energy Theory

One Love

The idea of “One Love,” the popularized notion of a singular energy force that flows through all people and things has been hypothesized by numerous religions. In Rastafarianism, the term is known as “Livity.” However, the term certainly has a much larger scope, relevance, and history. Livity is an idea that is alluded to in all monotheistic religions, buddhism, and hinduism. Connecting to and expanding … Continue reading One Love

Being Present

One of the few points of agreement between just about any religion or life philosophy is the fundamental importance of ‘being present’. “Live in the moment!” they all espouse. However, what exactly does that mean. A conclusive answer to this question is well beyond the scope of this Coby’s Thought Blog post. However, we can begin to think about being present by conceptualizing it as … Continue reading Being Present