Mexican Drug Wars

Currently, one of the arguably worst things currently taking place on this side of the world (and there are many) are the Mexican Drug Wars, the conflicts between the various Mexican drug cartels south of the US border. Tragic, horrific events are taking place on a daily basis because of these conflicts. Countless people are being killed and the Mexican government and infrastructure have been … Continue reading Mexican Drug Wars

Are We Ready for Space Travel?

If you haven’t seen Brad Pitt’s new film, Ad Astra, yet, I’d recommend doing so. It’s thought provoking for a number of reasons, most interestingly that it got me thinking about what space travel is going to look like in the immediate future. As major companies like Space X and Blue Origin attempt to make commercial space travel viable in the coming years, questions of … Continue reading Are We Ready for Space Travel?

Mass Shootings

One of a number of terrible crises currently taking place in the US is the regularity of mass shootings. It seems like every day the top story is the latest mass shooting that has just occurred. These shootings are a phenomenon that must be addressed and remedied. However, there is enormous disagreement regarding the root causes of the phenomenon and as a result, there are … Continue reading Mass Shootings

Immigration and Racism

In 2019, immigration is one of the most polarizing issues in the US. Trump’s ‘wall’ is a perfect symbol for the current Republican sentiment that the US should close its borders. For hundreds of years, the US has fluctuated regarding its policies on immigration. It seems we are in the midst of a period of fervent anti-immigration sentiment, at least at the presidential level. As … Continue reading Immigration and Racism

Israeli Space Travel

Israel’s recent moon mission is a major source of excitement and optimism for me. I constantly contemplate humanity’s collective mission and purpose, and the best answer I currently have is the exploration of space. Exploration of space could result in enormous strides for human understanding by potentially connecting us to other life forms and is also a necessary step towards the continuation of the human … Continue reading Israeli Space Travel

American Nationalism

While watching the State of the Union speech last night, I couldn’t help but momentarily wallow in the American pride triggered by the eloquent rhetoric of Trump’s speechwriters’ concluding remarks. As a mostly white, middle-class, male, I must say America’s been pretty damn good to me and I love this country. While in Europe I recall exclaiming with pride that I hailed from the USA. … Continue reading American Nationalism

Prop C

For those who are unaware, Prop C was a measure that recently passed that taxes San Francisco-based businesses earning more than $50 million/year (predominantly large tech companies). Placing a tax on a corporation is problematic for obvious reasons given that it isn’t money coming out of the pockets of the wealthy but rather of all members of the company poor and rich alike. However, given … Continue reading Prop C