The Gift of Candid Criticism

Something some people find strange about me is how much I love receiving criticism. As someone who is constantly trying to improve himself, candid criticism provides me with greater self-awareness that can result in actionable changes. My lack of pride and my open mind helps me excise the painful element of the criticism I receive and solely see it as a helpful tip to consider. … Continue reading The Gift of Candid Criticism

Greek Life in College

While I was an undergrad at Stanford (Class of 2018), I was a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity. Currently, Stanford administrators are considering disbanding Greek life at the University. Kappa Sigma alumni are being called to advocate for benefits of having Greek life on campus. Although I have no regrets about my college experience and met some of my closest friends through Kappa Sigma, … Continue reading Greek Life in College

Stories vs. Arguments

o   Malcolm Gladwell at recently gave a really good talk at the 2020 Unity for Humanity summit o   In his talk he discussed the difficulty of convincing people of certain things when they have deeply rooted viewpoints o   Arguments and logic don’t really convince people of things, but stories do. This is why stories are so important and could be what we need to depolarize our country. o   Rosa … Continue reading Stories vs. Arguments

Tablets that Ask for a Tip

Because cash registers are now tablets in numerous places of business, apps that accept credit and debit card payments often prompt the customer for a tip. This puts me in a constant moral and social dilemma. I understand and fully buy into the notion of tipping waiters and waitresses. That’s part of their salary, which they depend on to live. However, does the rude teenager … Continue reading Tablets that Ask for a Tip

The Virtuosity of The Nerd

Although “nerd” might have a negative connotation to some, I would argue that it’s actually one of the best compliments someone can give. According to Urban Dictionary, a nerd is an individual who 1) enjoys learning and 2) does not adhere to social norms. Assuming this is the correct denotation of “nerd,” a nerd encapsulates two of, in my opinion, the most virtuous traits that … Continue reading The Virtuosity of The Nerd

The Need to Preserve Humanity

The current state of the world is extremely concerning. Because of the threats of nuclear war, global warming, and the countless other problems humanity is facing, my fear of humanity’s extinction doesn’t seem like some absurd fictional outcome. How tragic would it be if humanity went extinct? All of this stuff we did will have all been for nothing. All of the progress we’ve made … Continue reading The Need to Preserve Humanity

My Artistic Statement

I was recently encouraged by a peer of mine to composing my artistic statement: a declaration of why I make art. What is my art attempting to communicate? What influenced it? This will undoubtedly be an ongoing post; however, I’ve come up with some important points right off the bat. I make art to make people laugh For some reason, there is no greater joy … Continue reading My Artistic Statement

Romantic Love in the Context of Strict Materialism

I’ve been thinking a lot about romantic love lately and the question of whether love is something that transcends the physical realm. Since so many people believe that the physical realm is all there is to reality, within the confines of strict materialism (the rejection of a non-physical component to reality (opposes spirituality)), love may merely be a biological by-product of humanity’s need to reproduce. … Continue reading Romantic Love in the Context of Strict Materialism

An Interesting Dream

It had been a decent night. Not really one for the books, but I’d managed to avoid making a fool of myself or breaking something expensive—a definite win. I fixed myself another vodka-soda. The slower music and the fact that I could hear what the others around me were saying meant that the party was winding down. I checked my watch—1:30 a.m. “Time to go … Continue reading An Interesting Dream