Coby’s Brain A.I.

The ultimate aspiration for ‘Coby’s Brain’ is that it becomes a cloud-based data storage device that can be understood and mimicked by an A.I. Ideally, once the A.I. has been ‘fed’ copious amounts of data about my preferences, personality, vocal style, and experiences, it should be able to output a compelling ‘Coby’. This sounds like something one would find in a “Black Mirror” episode and … Continue reading Coby’s Brain A.I.

Human Immortality

This sounds crazy, but I believe that human immortality is right around the corner. Well maybe not right around the corner but right around a few hundred corners (which is not that far in the grand scheme of things!) I am convinced that in the coming centuries, we will understand the mechanism that underlies human consciousness (which I believe exists). Consciousness might be the energy … Continue reading Human Immortality