The Inherent Chaos of Human Existence

  • I, along with most existentialists, would argue that existence is completely chaotic because of the inevitable presence of uncertainty. So, what are we as humans to do about the inherent chaos of existence? I argue that there are two primary approaches to this chaos. The first is to embrace the chaos and the second is to fight it.
  • So, what do I mean by embracing the chaos? People embrace the chaos when they acknowledge their powerlessness in bringing about a specific outcome. “Just go with the flow” is something one who embraces chaos might say. The advantage here is that chaos can often times result in a positive outcome and therefore just going with the flow is a relaxing path with potentially satisfactory rewards. A staunch believer in God might say to leave an outcome in God’s hands, which is another way one might embrace the chaos.
  • Fighting the chaos is the often times futile attempt to bring about a specific outcome. For example, whether or not you receive a job offer you want is ultimately out of your control; however, you can do everything in your power to make it happen even if it doesn’t actually improve your chances of getting that job. A chaos fighter might say something like “you make your own luck.” With sufficient work, data, and analytics no outcome is unpredictable to a chaos fighter.
  • There are pros and cons to each approach and as is the case with all extremes the correct approach likely lies at the golden mean. We should do as much as we can to bring about the outcomes that we desire; however, we should not be upset or surprised when the inherent chaos of human existence shoves it back in our faces.

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