Unreal Engine for VFX

            One of the industries being transformed more than any other thanks to real-time technology like Unreal Engine is the visual effects industry. Unreal allows for real-time compositing with green screens, projectors, or LED walls. This takes away the need for using Nuke to track the camera after the fact because Unreal can track the movement of the camera in real-time, which is pretty awesome for the VFX industry. This use of real-time, also known as virtual production, is definitely cool and having a huge impact on the creation of live action content (content involving live actors and physical cameras). Although I am passionate about real-time technology, this is not necessarily a use of the tech that I am interested in. I personally find virtual production to be somewhat counter intuitive. One of the biggest advantages of Unreal Engine that has yet to be fully actualized is the fact that you can capture incredible, polished content in the engine itself. In this way, using a physical camera or a physical set is unnecessary. The only disadvantage is that you don’t get the live actors. As an animator myself, I don’t really care. The cost of physical cameras, lights, props, and all of the complications of being on a live set are avoided when virtual production is done entirely in engine. Plus, at the rate that digital doubles, volumetric capture, and graphics are going, I believe doing everything in engine is going to result in higher quality content. This content will also have interactive capabilities and will be able to be made at a much, much lower cost. For this reason, I do not personally want to involve myself in use of real-time technology for VFX at this point. I want to use the technology for real-time animation.

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