Unreal Engine Cinematic Pipeline

I am very excited to announce that I have finally created my pipeline for creating the content I seek to create (at least for the time being). I want this pipeline to be self-sufficient, meaning that it will not be reliant on any outside software or hardware. I have yet to fully test out this pipeline but we’ll see what happens…

  • Unreal Engine-for assembling sets and sequencing shots
  • Character Creator-for creating characters
  • ZBrush-for customizing characters
  • Daz-For modifying the characters outfits
  • iClone-for animating the characters with motion capture using
    • iPhone facial capture
    • Perception Neuron motion capture suit
  • Quixel Megascans-for creating sets
  • Substance Painter-for modifying materials

Once I get started on Cows vs. Goats (my next big project), I’m curious to see if I need any additional software packages. I hope to avoid using Autodesk Maya and Motion Builder and Houdini if possible so I can create a less expensive pipeline for an eventual studio but this may be idealistic.

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