Habit Journal

I have realized that one of the biggest differences between effective and ineffective people has to do with habits. Having a lot of good habits and very few bad habits can put someone in a default state of effectiveness. Forming good habits is very challenging but can allow for aspirational behaviors to occur almost automatically and without the need for abundant will power. Because there are three main components to habit formation: context cue, behavioral repetition, and reward, it is important to be mindful of all stages, most notably figuring out how to make good habits rewarding.

I believe I am in the process of forming some really good habits through my habit journal. My habit journal is an Excel document with a list of the habits that I seek to implement into my life. The simple act of marking that I completed a good habit is a slight reward. Most habits are so hard to form because they are not immediately rewarding. For me, being able to tell my habit journal that I did a good thing is a very slight reward, but still significant enough to sometimes get me to something good even when I don’t want to. I really hope I am able to continue my habit journal because I believe maximizing my good habits and minimizing my bad habits is one of the major keys to my self-actualization.

Unconscious Default State of Productivity (4/15/2021)

  • I have continued tracking my good and bad habits via my habit journal. Although it has yet to fully propel me into an unconscious default state of productivity, I’m noticing a lot of improvements and still believe that it eventually will. Most days, I’m not fully able to mark every habit green. Some days, especially when I’m traveling, are almost entirely red. However, what’s nice about the journal is that when this happens and I return back to my routine-seeking self, I know exactly what I need to do in order to reclaim my optimal routine. I think that the unconscious default state of productivity will eventually emerge from a sufficiently long stretch of “green days” (likely multiple weeks). Although I have yet to exceed two consecutive green days, I am working on creating the longer streaks that will be necessary for unconscious fulfillment of my optimal routine. The biggest current obstacle is marijuana consumption, which results in red for a number of categories. I am confident that as I work on that and manage to get a sufficiently long-streak of green days, the unconscious implementation of my optimal routine will result in my optimal self.

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