Hegelian Dialectic

·      Discourse is important; however, its value is lost upon people who are unwavering in their beliefs

·      I believe that by teaching the Hegel’s dialectical method over argumentation, we can once again begin having constructive debates

·      Hegelian Dialectic

o   It’s not about being right, it’s about synthesizing opposing viewpoints to arrive at truth

o   3 stages: Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis

o   Thesis: statement of one’s idea

o   Antithesis: reaction that contradicts or negates the thesis

o   Synthesis: examining the differences and arriving at truth

·      People assume debates are about being right. This is foolish! Debates should be about arriving at truth! Through the dialectic, rather than the eristic (disputing other’s arguments), arriving at truth is within our reach. We simply need to place a larger value on truth rather than people just wanting their pre-existing beliefs validated. 

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