Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Challenging the numerous cognitive distortions that the human brain frequently falls victim to
  • Using logic to discard false beliefs and destructive emotions
  • Cognitive Distortions include:
    • All or nothing thinking-eg you’re either a success or a failure
    • Overgeneralizing-making hasty generalizations from insufficient evidence
    • Filtering-focusing exclusively on the negative and ignoring the positive
    • Disqualifying the positive-eg rationalizing away a compliment
    • Jumping to conclusions-reaching negative conclusions with little evidence
    • Magnification and Minimization-perceiving the bad as greater and the good as smaller
    • Emotional reasoning-assuming feelings reflect reality
    • Making must or should statements-causing guilt in oneself
    • Personalization and blaming-personalization is saying everything is my fault and blaming is saying everything is someone else’s fault
    • Always being right-being wrong is unthinkable
    • Fallacy of change-Assuming one’s happiness depends on actions of others, frequent problem in abusive relationships
    • Fallacy of fairness-belief that life should be fair
    • Labelling and mislabeling-attributing a person’s action to their character instead of attribute
  • We all often fall victim to these cognitive distortions and so it’s important to try to be aware of them

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