Quantum Mechanics and Energy Theory

For context, see “Energy Theory” below:


I have a lot of posts on this blog about “Energy Theory,” my pseudo-scientific hypothesis about the non-physical component of existence. I basically theorize that energy impacts just about every aspect of our lives. It assumes a form of Cartesian dualism in which the human mind is more than simply the brain; it is also the energy that powers the brain on the neurological level. In this sense, the mind can exist independent of the brain; however, the way that this energy experiences existence or if it even does is unbeknownst to us.

Energy theory diverges from Cartesian dualism in a number of ways. It posits that energy interacts with all forms of matter and that it is flowing within and in between all things. As a result, it impacts our everyday lives in countless ways, most of which are unbeknownst to us. It doesn’t conceive of energy as some mystical force beyond the capacity of human reasoning. Rather, it speculates that spiritual energy and the energy we talk about in science classes are actually somewhat similar. However, this energy is far more complex than we have previously given it credit for. At the quantum level, there likely still exists almost unlimited amounts of data, each electron functioning as far more than simply some moving particle. Only now as we begin to advance in our understanding of quantum mechanics can we begin to comprehend energy, what it truly is, and the questions about the universe it has the capacity to one day answer.

I believe that a deeper understanding of energy at the quantum level will potentially yield answers to some of the most significant philosophical mysteries that humanity faces. It could explain consciousness leading us to further answers about what happens after we die, whether or not we have free will, and possibly even about God.

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