Is Motion Capture Art?

Now that I’m doing a lot of work using motion capture, I’ve become somewhat tuned in to one of the primary debates surrounding the technology: whether or not it is truly animation. The following article will do a far better job than I could at explaining the debate:

Personally, I struggle to take seriously the critics of the technology. Throughout the history of entertainment media, the skeptics of new and innovative technologies are proven wrong time and time again. Those who believed sound film, color film, and computer animation would never take off were simply incorrect. I am of the belief that art and technology will always work hand in hand, propelling one another forward. Dismissing technological advancements as non-artistic is accepting a problematically narrow view of what constitutes art and will prevent one’s art from being cutting-edge. There are certainly advantages to this; however, the cutting-edge has an undeniable commercial appeal. I would personally argue that anyone who seeks to do art for a living should definitely consider how they can work with new technologies to progress their respective medium forward.

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