Mexican Drug Wars

Currently, one of the arguably worst things currently taking place on this side of the world (and there are many) are the Mexican Drug Wars, the conflicts between the various Mexican drug cartels south of the US border. Tragic, horrific events are taking place on a daily basis because of these conflicts. Countless people are being killed and the Mexican government and infrastructure have been deeply compromised as a result. However, when thinking about this conflict, it is important to consider the fact that we in the US are actually largely responsible for it. These powerful cartels are financed by the United States’ obsession with the drugs the cartels are importing. Without the massive amounts of cash that we Americans are giving these cartels; these wars would not be nearly as devastating as they are. For this reason, if we Americans are going to blame the Mexican people for these horrific conflicts, we must first consider that we are why they are happening in the first place. If we are to criticize these wars, we must not purchase drugs imported by the cartels that perpetuate these conflicts. Alternatively, we should consider legalizing and tightly regulating the drugs being imported by the Mexican cartels in order to put a dent in their revenue.

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