Energy Theory

I have a lot of previous posts about energy and how it’s the singular entity that unites everything in the entire universe. However, there are many questions that remain about it. What is the nature of energy? Is it alive? Is it conscious? Is this energy scientifically understandable? Where did it come from? How does it impact our daily lives? I believe that “energy” is a simple way of conceiving of the imperceptible forces at work in the universe that has the potential to lead humanity to a lot of new answers. I will now begin referring to the inquiry into such topics as “energy theory.” The following previous posts refer to it:

12/21/2019 “Vibes as Waves”

You walk into a room and there are vibes. Those vibes can be good or bad. They can resemble love or hate. They can be experienced as a sensation that we as humans can’t necessarily describe within the confines of human language. It is possible that these phenomena manifest themselves as waves, like Wi-Fi, or sound waves. If these “vibe waves” were found to exist, their presence could possibly lead to some fascinating scientific implications that could possibly answer questions previously deemed “spiritual.”

It is possible that augmented reality could help us to understand and conceptualize these waves. BadVR, an XR company that focuses on data visualization, recently created a Magic Leap application that allows users to see Wi-Fi signals. If more waves are in fact out there, then augmented reality will be a great way for us to come to understand them.

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