XR Storytelling

Telling a story with a single 3D asset:

For years, I’ve been trying to figure out exactly how XR is going to change the entertainment industry. On October 21st, 2019, while I was miserably grinding away on a stupid 2D animated toilet, I had an epiphany. The next .mp4 might already exist: the .fbx (or other 3D model format). We simply have yet to harness its full power as a standalone storytelling medium.

Take the example of a 3D fish tank: fishTank.fbx. That single file can store models, materials, animations, and even interactivity. Within the fish tank, hundreds of fish can be interacting, and countless narratives can be taking place. Just about any AR software (Vuforia, Adobe Aero, ARkit, etc.) can project that animated fish tank into the real world where it can be scaled and navigated by the user. A user can scale the tank up and view the stories taking place from the inside in virtual reality, or scale it down and view the stories taking place from above (like watching an actually 3D television).

This technology already exists, but very few people (to my knowledge) have ever taken a 3D object and made it sufficiently complex to tell an entire story. Rather they’ve been taking separate 3D objects and composited them to be viewed on a screen. The technical constraints are simple: the file is probably going to be huge. However, that likely won’t be a problem for very long. This epiphany has inspired me to attempt to tell my future stories in .fbx format.

Holographic Movies: 11/11/2019

As volumetric capture studios become more and more common, the possibility of 3D, live-action (holographic) movies and television shows has the potential to become a reality. Will holographic content actually end up becoming a viable medium with the likes of film and television? I haven’t really even seen it done despite how relatively simple it would be to implement with the technology that we have today. That’s something else I look forward to experimenting within the coming years.

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