The Need to Preserve Humanity

The current state of the world is extremely concerning. Because of the threats of nuclear war, global warming, and the countless other problems humanity is facing, my fear of humanity’s extinction doesn’t seem like some absurd fictional outcome. How tragic would it be if humanity went extinct? All of this stuff we did will have all been for nothing. All of the progress we’ve made in terms of inquiring into the nature of existence, all of the great technology, and our art that so beautifully encapsulates who we are as a species will all get flushed down some metaphorical toilet. Optimistically, I dream of humanity going out and colonizing the galaxy (ideally peacefully) and our ancestors existing eternally among the stars. Eternal existence for humanity is actually hypothetically possible and I think would make human action meaningful. We’ll spread out, meet some other intelligent life, figure out the secrets of the universe, and do a ton of other cool shit along the way. However, if we nuke the world to smithereens because of some inconsequential conflicts over inconsequential national interests, that’s probably not going to happen. Additionally, if the dangers of climate change result in earth becoming uninhabitable before humanity is ready to colonize other planets, we’re not gonna make it a whole lot longer. So, when people ask me what I stand for, it’s hard to think in terms of politics because all I really want is for humanity to stay alive. I want my children’s children’s children’s (etc.) to have great, peaceful, happy lives. I know that’s what they’re going to want as well. I want to contribute to the creation of that future. So, what does that mean in the short term? Let’s attempt to stop fighting about stupid, inconsequential con, and band together in order to live in enough relative harmony to keep the planet and each other alive so that humans can continue doing what they do best: making cool shit.

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