I recently encountered someone passionate about astrology who seemed fascinated by the fact that my December 31stbirthday made me a “Capricorn.” They claimed that given the fact that I’m ambitious and hard-working, it made perfect sense. I’ve since done a little bit more research into the traits of the Capricorn and many have resonated with me including being determined, practical, and dedicated to accomplishing goals. I also love goats and the ocean so the fact that I’m a “sea goat” is pretty neat. So, after initially learning about being a Capricorn, I was stoked. However, it took a small amount of rational thought to realize that these “traits” are just virtues that everyone has to some degree. Anyone will be happy to be told that they possess the complimentary traits that the astrological signs assign to them and gladly agree. I don’t understand the underlying science. Is there something about being born when it’s cold that might promote these traits? Wouldn’t this be something that varies year to year and location to location? Starting with something as arbitrary as a birthdate and then assigning traits seems inductive while the deductive strategy would be to determine sign based on a personality test of some kind. However, I realize that would defeat the whole purpose of these traits deriving from the stars. So, although I’m open to astrology, I’m not even close to convinced. Now that I’m aware of my status as a Capricorn, I will cautiously attempt to examine the truthfulness of the assessment.


Despite my skepticism when it comes to astrology, I’m continuing to learn about it. There’s a potential for scientific validity with regards to the possible influence of the galaxy’s alignment on our initial perceptions of existence. However, a specific understanding of the impacts of those influences is likely far more complicated than we as humans can presently wrap our heads around. As someone deeply interested in energy theory, I do believe that the sun (the source of much of the energy on earth) could very well be influencing life on earth in countless ways. As a result, I don’t think it’s farfetched to hypothesize that the cosmic location of the sun at the time of our birth has the potential to impact aspects of ourselves. Additionally, I’ve found some of the descriptions assigned to my “signs” to be somewhat compelling. Look up your own signs here:

Free Natal Chart Report


Much has changed since I began my inquiry into astrology. Around 6 months ago, I received a professional astrology reading and was blown away by its accuracy. Since then, I have become increasingly open to the idea that astrology is capable of predicting aspects of our personalities. I am still unsure of why it is able to do so; however, I have begun reading Joanna Martine Woolfolk’s “The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need.” I hope to find some answers here because at this point, I am a mystified kid in a candy shop when it comes to this stuff. It’s exciting, it gives us a better look into ourselves and why we are the way that we are. Stay tuned for further updates. Snap recently added an astrology section to the app, which is terrifyingly accurate.

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