An Interesting Dream

It had been a decent night. Not really one for the books, but I’d managed to avoid making a fool of myself or breaking something expensive—a definite win.

I fixed myself another vodka-soda. The slower music and the fact that I could hear what the others around me were saying meant that the party was winding down. I checked my watch—1:30 a.m.

“Time to go home?” I asked my brain.

“Not yet,” it said.

That meant one thing and one thing only. I began the search for joint.

I had made the decision to quit smoking weed just one week earlier; however, the alcohol had made my inhibitions a thing of the past. I would have to restart my self-righteous resolution some other time.

I walked into the Victorian living room and saw suit after suit. The search wasn’t going to be an easy one.

Then I saw him standing by the fireplace. He was in the midst of a boring-looking conversation he looked ready to get out of. I knew all about his past and even had a mutual friend. He wasn’t a guarantee, but I knew he was my best shot.

“Hey there. You wouldn’t happen to be friends with Jimmy Moritz?” I asked as I approached him.

“Of course. Jim’s an old friend of mine from Hawaii!” he exclaimed, clearly relieved to be out of his previous conversation. “How do you know Jim?”

“Believe it or not, I was staying with Jim in Kailua no more than a month ago. We went to college together.”

“I’ll be damned! Great guy, that Jim. You’ll have to give him my best. I’m Barrack by the way.”

He extended his hand and I shook it firmly.

“I’m well aware,” I said chuckling. “Coby.”

“It’s a pleasure, Coby. So, what were you and Jim up to in Kailua?”

“We had actually planned to surf the North Shore, but the swell was too small the week I was there. Funny enough, we spent most of the week bodyboarding at Obama Beach.”

He burst out laughing. “Please don’t tell me people are seriously calling it that! It’s Sandy’s and always will be.”

“I hate to break it to you but you’re a hero down there; the biggest Hawaiian legend since Duke Kahanamoku.”

We broke out into uproarious laughter.

“That’s rich!” he exclaimed, almost kneeling over.

The conversation was going perfectly. It was time to strike. I waited until our laughter had almost subsided.

“Oh by the way, Jim mentioned you used to blaze. You wouldn’t happen to have any bud would you?”

He went silent and for a moment and his eyes seemed to glaze over. It was as if in that moment, he was reliving a short lifetime. He returned abruptly and looked at me carefully; his deadpan gaze piercing my soul.

“You know, Coby, some waves you gotta just not get on.”

My confused brain began frantically interpreting what he had just told me. I was awe-struck.

“Coby, it was really a pleasure talking to you. But if you’ll excuse me, Michelle is waiting by the coats.”

He extended his hand and I shook it once more, not knowing what to say. I watched as he gracefully walked away. Finally understanding what he had said, I awoke from my trance-like state.

“Thanks Obama,” I said to myself before calling an Uber space ship home to my gingerbread house on Venus.

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