Are We Ready for Space Travel?

If you haven’t seen Brad Pitt’s new film, Ad Astra, yet, I’d recommend doing so. It’s thought provoking for a number of reasons, most interestingly that it got me thinking about what space travel is going to look like in the immediate future. As major companies like Space X and Blue Origin attempt to make commercial space travel viable in the coming years, questions of the implications of these innovations certainly must be asked. I’ve always looked towards colonization of space as one of humanity’s greatest purposes, an indication that we’ve transcended our earthly problems and moved onto bigger and better things. However, humanity at the onset of a new age of space exploration couldn’t be more troubled, full of hate, and unequal. Once we reach space, it seems likely that nationalistic governments will begin fighting over extraterrestrial land and resources. Like Ad Astra predicts, humanity in space may simply come to resemble humanity on earth with all of its same problems. Additionally, as the state of our planet continues to deteriorate, I fear that the wealthy will eventually leave the planet once it has become unlivable forcing the poor to perish on a sweltering earth. This would be a tragic situation for a lot of reasons. So, although I believe in the upmost importance of space travel, I fear that the current state of humanity may be unfit to spread out among the stars. If humanity is going to move on to other worlds, we need to all be in it together.

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