These days, people have no tolerance for boredom. Technology has more or less eradicated the human state of boredom, meaning that mental stimulation is accessible at all times. Finding the default state of one’s mind to be unpleasant is deeply problematic and many studies have come out recently about the benefits of boredom for creativity, mindfulness, and introspection. Reliance on perpetual mental stimulation is certainly something that I would like to break free of, especially because some forms of mental stimulation are unhealthy (e.g. drugs, alcohol, nicotine, excessive social media). My solution to my own reliance on stimulation is to seek to acknowledge when I am in a state of boredom. That way, instead of immediately satiating that state of being in whatever easily accessible way possible, I can momentarily experience boredom and attempt to relish in it. I am hoping that doing so will prevent me from compulsively conquering boredom through vices. Are there boredom-induced thoughts in our heads we are trying to avoid? We will only know and figure out how to address them by being bored.

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