The Optimal Coby

I recently thought of an interesting thought experiment that I found to be highly motivating. Assuming the existence of infinite parallel universes, there are infinite versions of oneself. This brings about the question of how one compares to the infinite alternative versions of themselves. Am I the best possible Coby? What does it even mean to be the best possible Coby? Given the enormous number of mistakes that I’ve made over the course of my life, it is highly unlikely that I’m anywhere near the best possible Coby. However, if for the remainder of my days, I sought to be the optimal Coby, I think I could eventually be in the top 99% of possible Cobys. This would likely involve working really hard, exercising daily, eating healthy, getting lots of sleep, drinking lots of water, avoiding substance abuse, being kind to others, etc. Questioning one’s individual actions in the context of seeking to be the best possible version of oneself is a good way to help guide one in the right direction.

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