Social Support and Mental Health

As someone who has had issues with mental health for much of my life, I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to determine the best ways to keep my mind healthy and happy. There are truly countless variables that impact the state of one’s mental health. I’ve determined that the following variables are some of the most important for my mental health: getting adequate exercise, avoiding substance abuse, doing enjoyable and meaningful work, eating well, having my possessions and personal data organized, getting adequate sleep, drinking enough water, and more like that. However, the truth remains, as most psychologists agree, that nothing is more important in determining the state of one’s mental health than having genuine social support. Having good people who care about you, that you care about, and that you can foster and build relationships with is really what keeps you going. This is a fascinating truth that says a lot about humanity, our evolutionary history, and the way that we should be living our lives. It also points to helping others establish greater human connection as a solution to many of the mental health crises that exist in our country and world at large.

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