Non-Violent Video Games

Because of the frequency of mass shootings in the US, people are pointing fingers every which way to determine the root cause of this tragic phenomenon. One such source of blame is the video game industry and the large number of violent games it produces year after year. It is highly unlikely that violent video games are truly the cause of mass shootings; however, as a pacifist, I would like to see more non-violent video games becoming more popular. Because of high fidelity VR, I foresee experiential, social, and creative games becoming incredibly popular in the coming years. VR concerts and musical festivals, film screenings, meetups, simulations, educational experiences; the possibilities are endless. My point is that gaming is only going to continue to increase in popularity. VR is going to offer the gaming industry opportunities to create incredible experiences for its users that don’t rely on shooting guns and voyeurism. I hope these companies embrace the challenge of entertaining its users in new and innovative ways.

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