On God

God is a topic that is beyond the scope of a single post on Coby’s Thought Blog. However, given the fact that God is a frequent topic of inquiry for me and likely will be for the remainder of my days, I figured I’d use this post to get the ball rolling.

Answers to questions about God are, by their very nature, uncertain. The best we can really do is to grow our understanding of the questions themselves while taking into consideration as many answers (of which there are many) as possible.

Some of these questions include:

Does God even exist?

Do humans possess the cognitive capacity to ever understand God?

What is the nature of God?

To what extent is God involved in our everyday lives?

Can we communicate with God?

What does God want from us?

I have opinions about these questions; however, my opinions are by no means conclusive. I hope to continue expanding upon my understanding of these questions and posing additional questions in the coming years.


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