The Oceans Need Our Help

The current state of our oceans is a terrible calamity that brings me sadness and fear every day. While people can attempt to refute whether or not global warming is taking place and if it’s as disastrous as experts claim it to be, there is no logical way to refute the evidence of the damage being inflicted upon our oceans. Reefs are dying, sea life is going extinct, our seas and beaches are overrun with plastics and other trash; the list is endless. The oceans are just one of many places where the toll that humanity has taken on our planet is clear as day. I don’t know what the solution to this problem is. I think that banning plastics, putting more measures for effective recycling in place, hiring massive ocean clean-up crews, and funding marine life conservation efforts are ways that our government may be able to begin tackling this problem. However, when our president denies the severity of the problem in front of us, it seems unlikely that such measures could be implemented. Massive environmental mobilization is necessary; however, people clearly need greater awareness of our oceans’ dire state. I hope to create media capable of exposing more people to this problem and contribute in any way I can to mobilization efforts over the course of my life.

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