#NoBeef is a 2-part social justice movement. The most obvious first component of the movement is to stop eating beef. Beef production is environmentally disastrous because of the massive amount of water that it requires and the methane it produces. Additionally, given how adorable and benevolent cows are, I personally find the consumption of beef to be morally problematic. The second component of the movement is stopping violent conflict (also known colloquially as beef). #NoBeef is a great social justice movement because it is punny and if it were to catch on, it could have a massively positive impact on two of the biggest problems that the world currently faces: the climate crisis and the ubiquity of conflict and violence. Personally, I am in the process of cutting beef (cow consumption) completely out of my life; however, I am struggling to find sufficient protein as my diet is already severely restricted by my IBS. I’m working on it though, I really am. As a pacifist, I am already doing pretty well on the second aspect of the #NoBeef movement. This post marks the beginning of my attempt to completely rid my life of all beef in order to become an advocate of #NoBeef.

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