New York City

After my trip to New York City last week, I fell in love with the city. Given my career interests, it seems unlikely that I’ll leave California to move there; however, I am already looking forward to my next trip. Here are the reasons that I believe I’ve become so enamored with the Big Apple:

1. NYC is easy on the eyes
Beauty lurks around every corner of New York City whether it’s the people, the dogs, the buildings, the clean streets, the parks, or the surrounding bodies of water. Every time you open your eyes in the city, your field of view is almost guaranteed to be full of breath-taking sights.

2. NYC is a testament to the possibility of a multicultural society
I have never been anywhere with a comparable amount of racial diversity. Despite people’s many differences, they seem to co-exist in relative harmony as if the shared ‘New Yorker’ identity transcends race and unites the city dwellers. Many people would refute this claim; however, I personally perceived interracial love and friendship in abundance while I was in New York. The city gives me hope for multiculturalism one-day trumping bigotry and racism.

3. NYC is a giant interconnected machine
It took little more than being on the Subway at rush hour to feel like the entire city of New York and its people are one giant moving organism. Every person seems to contribute to the organism’s massive output of human progress. Countless others I spoke to agreed with this sentiment. While this might seem dehumanizing to some, I found it thrilling to feel like I was, even for a brief time, a part of something larger than myself.

These takeaways are all certainly debatable but really resonated with me during my trip. I should also note that New York City is by no means perfect; it is inaccessible to most and the major discrepancies in wealth that exist in the city are undoubtedly troubling. However, I nonetheless love the city for the reasons listed above and look forward to future trips.

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