Importance of Vacation

My first year out of college has been a major grind and has taken a toll on my motivation and overall well-being. I hypothesize this is because of a lack of vacation. I took my first vacation of the year last week in New York and upon returning, realized just how beneficial vacations can be for the following reasons:

  1. In the midst of the grind (particularly when the grind is coerced), one may find themselves neglecting the “enjoyment” component of life. When work becomes one’s entire life purpose, one forgets that life may also exist to be enjoyed (at least partially). The enjoyment component of life is a beautiful thing that when neglected, makes life seem almost unbearable, which it shouldn’t be.
  2. While in a routine, it is difficult to be present. Days melt into weeks into months into years and life’s ubiquitous beauty goes unnoticed. Breaking the routine provides a renewed awareness of the routine’s merits.
  3. Planning a vacation gives one something to work towards. Often times, we forget why we’re working. Planning a vacation provides a light at the end of the tunnel and motivates us to get our work done in time to bask in that light.

This realization of the importance of vacation has motivated me to plan at least one vacation every six months. I have gained a renewed sense of optimism by the truth that when the tedium of life takes hold, the cure is likely just one break away.

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