CGI Actors

When I first saw the trailer for Gemini Man, I was unimpressed. Who was this Will Smith-looking young guy and what was remotely compelling about the film’s plot? It wasn’t until reading about the movie that I realized how big of a deal it’s likely going to be. That “Will Smith-looking young guy” in the trailer is actually a CGI young Will Smith. I couldn’t and honestly still can’t even tell that the character in the trailer isn’t a real actor. Compelling CGI human characters will have a profound impact on the future of filmmaking. Assuming the technology is ready and Gemini Man convinces audiences that the character is real, CGI characters could most certainly come to supplement or even replace traditional actors in the future. Soon, it might be cheaper to 3D scan Leonardo DiCaprio and animate him than to actually hire him. Why have Tina Fey portray Sarah Palin when you can just animate Sarah Palin? This possibility is incredibly exciting for anyone interested in animation or filmmaking in general. However, the implications that this has for creating false footage of people doing and saying things are also somewhat terrifying. We will see soon if Gemini Man is the film that will usher in this momentous innovation.

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