What the F**k are Dreams?

Something I find ridiculous is how little we understand about dreams and how okay with that everyone seems to be. Every night, moments that would define our lives take place in our dreams and then we wake up, begin our boring lives, and never think about what took place again. In theory, dreams bear some similarity to the most immersive and compelling virtual reality experiences ever conceived of. That could be a good place to start a dialogue about the true nature of dreams. Are these experiences controllable? Does progress one night carry over into other nights? Why does time seem to work differently in these experiences? Are the experiences hypothetically multi-player? Could we be accessing additional dimensions to reality through dreaming? Are we living entirely different lives in our dreams? These currently unanswerable questions are seemingly endless. By keeping up with my dream journal, I hope to continue to grow in my understanding of dreams throughout my life in order to hopefully begin to answer some of these questions.


I’ve continued thinking a lot about my theory that dreams can be multi-player experiences. It’s entirely possible that when we dream, our minds become servers that can host other minds. Somewhat recently, I was in a dream at Phoenix Swim Club, a pool I grew up going to that has since been destroyed. I quickly realized this and began lucid dreaming. I realized that I had the perfect opportunity to begin testing my theory about multi-person dreams. I began asking everyone around me if they were real and although most of them said they were not, one individual said she was: a friend I met in California. I spent about thirty minutes explaining my theory to her and she agreed given the fact that she knew she was real. I told her that as soon as she woke up, she should call me in the real world so that we could determine if she was real or just a component of my dream pretending to be real. If she ended up calling me and saying she remembered our talk in a different dimension the night before, my theory could actually be correct. Alternatively, she could have simply been a figment of my imagination.

She never did call me. I didn’t call her either. The two of us weren’t especially close and I figured it would be really creepy/weird if I called this girl I barely knew saying that she had been in my dream the night before. She might feel the same way and that’s why she didn’t call me even if she had remembered it. However, strangely enough, a couple days later she ended up following my food blog on Instagram. For the sake of science, I’m strongly considering calling her anyways, but I’m mostly hoping I’ll encounter someone I’m closer to in a future dream so I can just call them instead.

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