The Past Year

The Stanford Alumni Magazine requested an update as to what former residents of the Junipero dorm were doing with their lives. This is the paragraph I submitted that pretty much sums up the past year:

After graduating in 2018, Coby Palivathukal dove into the emerging field of augmented and virtual reality. He’s been developing AR/VR applications for the Stanford Chariot Program, a group at the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital that uses these technologies to entertain and distract children undergoing medical procedures. For fun, he has been blogging about movies and watching no less than a movie a day. Next year, he will begin an MFA in animation and digital arts at the USC School of Cinematic Arts and hopes to work at the intersection of AR/VR and film.

Information I omitted for the sake of brevity:

  • I am also working on various other blogs including Coby’s Thought Blog, Coby’s Music Blog, Coby’s Reading Blog, and Coby’s Adventures
  • I have been working as a video editor for various projects including two Mammoth music videos, a video for the Stanford Haas Center, and a short student film
  • I am working as a senior content producer with Across Realities, a small company working to create cross-platform XR
  • I still have a great deal of maturation left to do but am thankful to have found a great deal of direction

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