Broken Traffic Light System

I’m becoming quite fed up with how terribly inefficient the traffic light system in Palo Alto is. I’ll find myself waiting at lights with no car anywhere near me for minutes at a time and I’m sure it’s comparably bad in other cities. It’s so bad that I frequently see people running red lights in order to avoid famously problematic intersections. This is turning everyday people into criminals and making everyone distrustful of the intersections that are supposed to keep us safe. I can’t help but wonder what would happen if the government were to hire Google, with its massive amount of data about traffic, to fix this system. I am sure they would have no problem creating an efficient traffic light system with advanced sensors and machine learning algorithms capable of minimizing traffic and the dangerous driving that occurs as a result of it. Whoever’s in charge of this system now is doing a terrible job. If this department is underfunded, this needs to change given the numerous societal ramifications of inefficient traffic lights. Faster roads will quickly pay for themselves.

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