Sources of Stoke

It’s April 17th, 2019 and I’m extremely stoked. Here is a list of the primary things that have me stoked:

  • XR: We are on the cusp of a revolution in the way we represent and interact with data. I am somewhat involved and knowledgeable about XR and am looking forward for the ride that involvement with the industry is going to have in store in the coming years.
  • Volumetric Video Capture: Due to the fact that people are beasts, we are now capable of capturing real-life scenes in 3D thanks to volumetric video capture. I definitely hope to get involved with this exciting technological phenomenon in the coming years.
  • Photorealistic Rendering: While this is far from a new technological advancement, photorealistic rendering is rapidly improving and allowing us to create just about any visual event we could imagine. While studying animation next year, I really hope to become adept at creating photorealistic animated characters and objects.
  • Motion Capture: This is another phenomenon that has been around for a while; however, it’s becoming more and more inexpensive to do. For a somewhat impatient student of animation, understanding how to utilize motion capture is going to be essential for me and I’m extremely stoked that there are so many relatively inexpensive ways to capture motion and map it onto 3D characters and objects.
  • Game Engine Filmmaking and Compositing: Yet another piece of technology that has been around for a while. As I progress in my Unity development, I am realizing that much of my future filmmaking will be taking place within the incredibly flexible and adaptive workspace of game engines.
  • Image Recognition and Persistent Point Tracking: Due to major advancements in mixed reality and cloud-based AI, we are now going to be able to drastically improve the quality of location-based AR by being able to identify the location and orientation of someone wearing a headset in physical space.
  • Cross Platform XR: Due to the enormous amount of software being created for various VR/AR devices, the metaverse is steadily beginning to take form. However, thanks to individuals focused on cross-platform integration, the metaverse is going to be accessible through numerous hardware platforms, thus drastically increasing its significance and use.

It’s truly a golden age for those interested in these technologies because they’re on the verge of becoming completely accessible and easy to access. Because of all this, it’s no surprise that I’m extremely stoked.

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