Tech Takeover

The Apple Card is definitely going to be a game changer. Offering 2% instant cash back on all purchases, it’s such a good deal that it truly makes no sense for most people not to get it. I’m definitely going to get it as soon as it comes out. However, we should be wary of what we’re giving Apple by adopting the Apple Card. We’re giving the platform that in one way or another feeds us most of our information access to everything we buy. It’s a brilliant strategy for them to increase their ad revenue. It’s also brilliant because in an era where money and power are in the hands of whoever “has the data,” Apple is drastically increasing its grasp on understanding our lives. I speculate that in the coming years, Apple will know far more about us than our government could ever begin to know. One could certainly extend that argument to claim that in the coming years, tech companies like Apple have the capacity to be more powerful than governments do. I question whether that would actually be such a bad thing. I probably trust Tim Cook more than Donald Trump; however, a tech company taking control of the world is pretty damn dystopian.

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