The Shark Epiphany & the Data Dimension

While I was surfing a couple of months back, a question crossed my mind. I wondered what the closest I’d ever been to a shark was. It could have been anywhere between 6 inches to 100 feet, I had no idea. However, the interesting aspect of that question was the fact that although I would probably never know its answer (unless I encountered a shark), an answer EXISTED. There WAS in fact a distance that would accurately describe the closest I’ve ever been to a shark. I simply lacked access to that information. It is possible that an omniscient God has a file somewhere on “distances that people have been from sharks while in the ocean” and that when I die I’ll be able to search for my name on that document and find the answer. However, it is pretty much safe to say that during my lifetime, I will never find the answer to that question. There are countless examples of existing components of reality that humans will never be able to access. These exist, but there’s really just no way that we can perceive them. It’s like there’s another dimension, a “data dimension”. An interesting aspect of the arrival of the Magicverse is that it will provide us with a window into the data dimension. With spatial computers’ capacities to visualize real world data in real-time, the data dimension will not be quite so inaccessible for much longer.

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