AR and 3D Movies

Yesterday, I saw Alita: Battle Angel in IMAX 3D. It was no joke one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Aside from the film’s incredible VFX, I was also highly impressed with IMAX 3D in general. It was the highest quality 3D I’d ever seen and the objects in the film really popped out, much to the benefit of the film. 3D movies are certainly getting better, and it seems as though demand for these films is growing as well (not completely sure about this but I’m assuming this is true given the IMAX and Dolby 3D theaters popping up). Given the new capabilities that augmented reality offers for viewing 3D content, I can’t help but wonder whether AR films could be a viable medium. If one was to place the camera object in the middle of a scene and render the scene for augmented reality, audiences could feasibly be in the center of major battle scenes within their own living rooms. Given that most of these films are created using 3D assets anyways, it would certainly be technically feasible. A few questions emerge about this idea:
1) Would being in the center of a scene even be superior to watching it on a screen?
People greatly enjoy being told what to look at by a talented Hollywood director or cinematographer. Watching a film would no longer be a passive activity, which is one of the reasons people like watching films so much. However, it could be passive if an AR headset simply projected the 3D objects in front of the viewer and not all around. In this way, it would be an improved at home 3D movie experience, which could be super cool.
2) Assuming this is in fact a viable way to view content, would it be better in AR or VR?
I would say AR would be superior because it would allow multiple users to view the same content in the same location as opposed to the isolation of VR (which could actually be remedied through networked VR headsets). My argument rests on the premise that AR glasses will become widely adopted in the next 5-10 years whereas VR headsets will not have the same degree of uptake.
3) Are movies the medium that would work well for this idea or would other types of video like music videos work better?
I kind of think music videos might work better because they are shorter and people often dance to them. However, I really think it could be a medium that could supplement existing videos very effectively.
In the coming years, it will be interesting to see if this is an artistic medium that gets adopted. I think it has a high degree of potential for commercial viability given the populaity of 3D films and relative ease of creating such content through game engines.

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