The Spatialverse

I have devoted other posts to the topic of the metaverse, a digital, man-made, livable universe accessible through virtual reality. Because of the rapid pace of technological advancement, it seems inevitable that some kind of metaverse will be created in the coming years. However, the nature of the metaverse or the metaverses that people will adopt is a topic of much debate. I believe there are two main categories of metaverses that may emerge: augmented reality and virtual reality metaverses.

  • VR Metaverse: think Oasis in Ready Player One, Second Life, or the Sims.
  • AR Metaverse: think the Magic Leap “Magic Verse,” an augmented reality that combines elements of the real world with a digital reality.

I personally think the AR metaverse, or Spatialverse as I like to call it, has the potential to be far more practical than the VR metaverse. I call it the Spatialverse because it relies on spatial computing, using real space to make digital media feel physically present. Life within the Spatialverse has the potential to improve human productivity and understanding of the real universe. If used correctly, it will improve our access to information about the world around us. However, like any technology, it likely has potential to be abused.

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