Game Engine Filmmaking

As the render quality of animated assets in game engines continues to improve at a rapid rate, I strongly believe that game engine filmmaking will steadily come to replace many traditional ways that we make films today. It will likely also democratize animated films and films involving a great deal of visual effects. Game engines such as Unity and Unreal are truly going to revolutionize film, cinematography, and visual effects. There are already numerous examples of incredible videos created using game engines. Below is just one example:

^Adam is an awesome example of the power of game engine filmmaking. Although the assets and animations still look a bit “video-gamey,” its incredible rendering highlights the power of Unity’s rendering pipeline and should get anyone who sees it excited about the future of the software.

We are probably less than ten years away from the scenes that take place in game engines being rendered as realistically as live video. However, a game engine allows creators to replay a simulated scene as many times as they want, record the scene using as many invisible cameras as they want, and apply visual effects in real time using shaders and AR filters. Additionally, as motion capture technology continues to improve rapidly, as 360 video and augmented reality content become increasingly popular mediums, and as stories become to become interactive, the additional features offered by game engines will certainly serve as the foundations of a story telling revolution. I look forward to what the future holds for game engine filmmaking and dream of being involved with it myself.


More than six months after this post, game engine filmmaking continues to become more and more powerful and widely used. Numerous examples of game engine filmmaking since the original publication of this post have gone on to blow my mind including The Lion King, Love Death and Robots, and many others. The photorealism of these films and television shows has yet to reach that of films shot with a camera; however, they are moving forward at a rapid pace. In the coming years, I’m extremely optimistic for the fidelity game engine graphics and the stories that these technologies are going to help humanity tell.

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