There are many terms for it; buying-in, drinking the kool-aid, being ‘down’. However, they can all be boiled down to a willingness to follow something, be it a person, group, or idea. It generally necessitates a submission of will and adoption of a set of values and behaviors. Willingness to buy-in can vary immensely by person. I would conjecture that buy-in corresponds roughly to level of enthusiasm. Enthusiastic and positive people are willing to buy-in frequently, while those who are more reserved and negative are much less willing to do so. Is buy-in good or bad? The obvious answer is that it depends on what one is buying-in to. It’s probably a good idea to buy-in to certain ideas or people that you look up to and that you strive emulate. However, which ideas or people you’re willing to buy-into is likely based upon which people or ideas you’ve already bought into. Ultimately, I would argue that one should open to buying-in, but initially cautious. Outright rejection of a person or idea is ignorant and may result in a missed opportunity. However, quick and thoughtless buy-in may entangle one in a precarious situation that contradicts one’s values.

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