Silicon Valley

Recently, Silicon Valley has been under heavy fire from the public because of accusations of data mismanagement, gender and racial imbalances, and monopolistic behavior. Much of these criticisms are certainly justified. There are undoubtedly greedy individuals in Silicon Valley whose sole motive is to make money and ignoble actions inevitably result from such a superficial intention. However, I don’t believe that to be the case for a large number of those working in the Valley who genuinely believe in technology’s capacity to change the world. Among the many people like this, I have observed a unique collaborative spirit. It’s like everyone is working together to actualize the potential that artificial intelligence, space travel, and countless other advances can bring about for humankind. I too have been pessimistic about technology; however, I have recently begun to consider the viewpoint that we’re all working together to accomplish something or some number of things. Advances in technology are continuing to push humanity’s understanding, capabilities, and artistic feats higher and in new directions. For this reason, an argument can certainly be made for the nobility of those working to use technology to bring about a new, better tomorrow.


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