Coby’s Brain A.I.

The ultimate aspiration for ‘Coby’s Brain’ is that it becomes a cloud-based data storage device that can be understood and mimicked by an A.I. Ideally, once the A.I. has been ‘fed’ copious amounts of data about my preferences, personality, vocal style, and experiences, it should be able to output a compelling ‘Coby’. This sounds like something one would find in a “Black Mirror” episode and it has a lot of ethical implications about how this A.I. is going to be treated. However, if approached correctly, these human-based A.I.’s could provide future generations with invaluable windows to the past.

There are a large number of technical obstacles that must be overcome in order for this aspiration to be actualized. First of all, a basic A.I. without any kind of unique personality must be created. Second of all, natural language processing and other data analysis techniques need to be vastly improved in order for the A.I. to understand the data it is being fed. Thirdly, a medium through which large quantities of personal data can be consolidated and organized must become widely adopted and almost constantly used.

Creating such an application is definitely beyond something that I can currently do by myself. However, given the large strides being made in the field of A.I. and the incredible amounts of data constantly being taken in by the major tech companies, a personal data-driven A.I. is likely not so far away.

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