“The Choice”

I stumbled upon an interesting video on YouTube the other day called “The Choice”. The video shows one man making responsible decisions juxtaposed with the same man making irresponsible decisions. The first man attains major success and happiness while the second does not and the video concludes that, “Small choices become actions, actions become habits, and habits become our way of life.” It is true that we are constantly faced with choices and often select the choice with immediate gratification despite knowing it’s the inferior decision. Likewise, when we’ve made an irresponsible decision, it is always harder to make the responsible one the next time. I have long argued that we are defined by our actions but still make poor decisions in spite of this belief. This video, which demonstrates how truly impactful each little decision we make can be, can provide will power in those moments when we’re wrestling with the devil on our shoulder. Watch it here:



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