It is safe to say that there exists more to this world than what our basic sensory perceptions can tell us about it. We have long known this to be the case and have been harnessing the power of non-perceptible forces like radio waves or x-rays for many years. This begs the question of how much more exists than 1) we can consciously perceive and 2) has been discovered by humanity. Given how much of a mind-boggling mystery existence is in general, my guess is: probably a lot.

One such phenomenon that I hypothesize exists beyond human perception and that no formal understanding of has been advanced to my knowledge is the energy emitted by people. Energy might not be the right word for it; however, it is one way of conceptualizing it. A better word might be “vibes”, although in order to use this word for the purpose of this discussion, we should attempt to strip it of existing connotations.

We do not see, hear, touch, smell, or taste “vibes”; however, we nonetheless experience them viscerally. These hypothetical vibes entirely transcend the five senses meaning when we experience them, we are not simply picking up on implicit cues like body language, unnoticeable stimuli like pheromones, or internal associations. That is because if they exist, there may be nothing physical about them.

I speculate that the presence of these forces may be manifestations of the divine within our world. We all seek to maximize the presence of these forces within our lives. However, some strategies for doing so are better than others. I further speculate that presence and positivity are the states of mind by which we can best be in contact with these forces.

Again, the further I discuss this topic, the deeper I dive into speculation. I further hypothesize that “good vibes” are the presence of these forces while “bad vibes” are the absence of them. Certain people or things can foster them while others are like a black hole. Assuming the forces are a manifestation of the divine, the force may be love…


A couple of evenings ago, I was at a party and found myself approaching two people I knew didn’t like me very much. Additionally, they were in the middle of the conversation. I said hello but could immediately tell that my presence was not welcome. I later found myself describing the encounter as full of “bad vibes”.

Now, based on my above explanation, there may be an issue with my description. Non-sensory data was not a necessary for me to understand that I was not wanted in the conversation. My understanding likely came from visual cues like body language and auditory cues like tone of voice. The transmission of some non-physical energy yields no explanatory power. Likewise, according to my definition, “bad vibes” do not actually exist.

An explanation of my theory within the context of this example would be helpful here. If my experience can be explained solely through my reception of sensory data, why bring vibes into the equation? That is a question that I still wrestle with on a daily basis. However, the latter issue of “bad vibes” not existing brings me back to the point that “bad vibes” are merely the absence of vibes. Had the two individuals been receptive to my greeting, a flow of energy between our bodies would have taken place. Instead, a barrier formed and there was no transmission of vibes. Is that simply an overly complicated way of saying “we didn’t have a conversation?” Possibly, but it may also be something more than that.


The existence of such inexplicable phenomenon may be less inaccessible than we think. Dark energy is a force that physicists have been attempting to understand for many years that is theorized to be responsible for the continued expansion of the universe. Many hypothesize that it occupies 70% of the universe and is omnipresent. We lack any formal understanding of the nature of dark energy. It is possible the ‘vibes’ described above are a component of dark energy. Further inquiry and investigation into dark energy and the possibility that it interacts may yield answers to some very interesting philosophical questions.

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