Human Immortality

This sounds crazy, but I believe that human immortality is right around the corner. Well maybe not right around the corner but right around a few hundred corners (which is not that far in the grand scheme of things!) I am convinced that in the coming centuries, we will understand the mechanism that underlies human consciousness (which I believe exists). Consciousness might be the energy (soul, mind, spirit) that exists as some kind of wave (major speculation) combined with the biological hardware included in our brains and bodies. Hypothetically, if we could understand and isolate that wave and make it compatible with something like Coby’s Brain TM (which ideally would contain all of the data present in our real brains), our consciousness could continue to exist even after our cells have died. If we are able to do this, we will effectively become immortal. Easier said than done though and there are still numerous world-shaking philosophical breakthroughs that would need to take place for this to happen. It would be pretty sick.

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